Packing List for Pattaya

Pattaya is an exciting tropical city with a lot of things to do. As such, it’s important to pack thoroughly before your trip and make sure you have everything you need when you arrive. While it is possible to buy most things in Pattaya, being prepared ahead of time will save you a trip to the supermarket after you land in Thailand.

Here is our recommended packing list for Pattaya:

  • A good suitcase. For one week, a carry-on suitcase might be enough. Otherwise, it’s best to pick up a high quality suitcase with wheels for easier movement.
  • A good backpack. You’ll be going on lots of day trips, and having a backpack that you can carry around without having to worry will make the entire process easier. The Savvy Backpacker has a good guide to backpacks for traveling.
  • T-shirts and/or singlets. Pattaya is hot and humid, so you’ll want to pack several cotton t-shirts for your trip. Stick to cotton and leave synthetic fabrics at home due to the humidity level.
  • Underwear. Bring several pairs of underwear, as you’ll want to have plenty of backups in case you get soaked stepping on or off a boat, or walking around the city on a hot, humid day.
  • Shorts. Pattaya is not the place for jeans, although you’ll want to pack at least one pair in case you decide to go to an upmarket bar or restaurant. For the most part, shorts are the way to go.
  • For women, dresses. Summer dresses are perfect for Pattaya’s hot, humid and sunny climate.
  • Comfortable shoes and sandals. A pair of sports shoes and a pair of sandals (many of which are available cheaply locally) are worth bringing with you.

You’ll also want to bring some accessories:

  • A baseball-style hat to protect you from the sun, as Pattaya can get very sunny during the daytime.
  • Reliable sunglasses. It’s easy to find cheap sunglasses in Pattaya, but they will break easily and imported brands such as Ray-Ban are very expensive due to taxes.
  • If you’re bringing jeans for a night out, a light leather or canvas belt.
  • Earplugs and an eye mask. Pattaya is a noisy place, especially if you’re staying close to Walking Street or Beach Road. Earplugs make sleeping easier, while an eye mask makes it easier to stay asleep once the sun rises if you’re in a room facing the sunrise.

You’ll also want to bring some hygeine products:

  • A toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. All of these are easily available in Thailand, but it’s best to bring them with you to avoid a last-minute trip to the 7-11 on your first night here.
  • Shoe spray or odor-removal powder. Pattaya is very humid, especially during rainy season, and most shoes will develop an odor here due to the climate.
  • Hair gel, mousse and other care products. Many of the brands you might be used to from the West aren’t available in Thailand, or are overpriced due to import taxes.
  • Condoms. Condoms are readily available in Pattaya (no surprise to anyone who’s visited), but the size is not the same as Western condoms. Many visitors report Thai condoms feeling overly tight and uncomfortable.
  • For females, birth control. Birth control is widely available in Thailand but is a prescription drug, meaning you’ll want to bring your own to avoid the lengthy process of getting a prescription.
  • Any prescription medicine, in clearly labeled bags with the original doctor’s prescription note.

As for consumer electronics:

  • If you need it, feel free to bring your laptop computer, iPad or other digital device.
  • It’s worth bringing an MP3 player or smartphone with headphones, as this can help the long boat trips and bus rides go by faster.

Anyway, that’s it! I’m sure there are other things that can improve and enhance your trip to Pattaya, but those are up to you to plan and pack. Have a good time in Pattaya and make sure your suitcase contains all of the essentials on our list!